Review of Sentinals Stirring by Helen Garraway

by - September 23, 2020

"When you hold the fate of the world in your hands, but you don't know it yet, don't be surprised when the goddess intervenes."

"Three thousand years ago the goddess Leyandrii banished all magic from the world of Remargaren to protect her people from the wild magic of the Ascendants. Jerrol's life is about to be overturned because Lady Leyandrii needs him and she is about to place his feet on her path, even if he is late. The Sentinals are stirring, but it will take Jerrol to wake them. Only he doesn't know that yet."

Sentinals Stirring is a novella by UK author Helen Garraway, who has been writing about the world of Remargaren, a fantasy world of her creation, since 2016.

The novella introduces us to the world of Remargaren, where the rest of Helen's stories take place. Sentinal is the name of a particular type of tree which grows in a place called The Lady's Grove. The novella starts with young Jerrol, who wants to learn to fight like his older brother, Jennery, and possibly join the King's rangers. He goes through training and many lessons until he meets a ranger named Martyn, who requests his company on a trip. This gives him the chance to get to know the life of a soldier, so he can decide whether he should join the King's Rangers or study to become a scholar. Martyn and Jerrol go together on a quest, during which he meets a girl named Taelia, who soon becomes a close friend.

This is a coming of age novella, in which Jerrol must decide the direction his life is going to take once he reaches adulthood. Apart from this, the story explores Jerrol's consuming feelings of guilt after killing a man to save someone else's life. The novella also touches on the struggle of a young girl who can't see with her eyes but dreams of reading books and becoming a scholar.

This is an interesting, well-written fantasy novella which grabs your attention quickly with its fast-moving pace. I enjoyed reading it because of its familiar, medieval feeling, which will delight most high fantasy readers.

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